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Remote support and monitoring solutions to fit everyone.

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RBX Connect



Welcome to RBxConnect, the platform that will revolutionize how you deploy and support networks.

We believe everyone has the right to excellent connectivity, and we also believe it shouldn't be difficult to setup, install or to manage. Combined with RouterBox's proprietary configuration is an intuitive interface designed to make setting up new networks and system rescue intuitive and seamless.

Monthly Support Packages

There is no such thing as one size fits all in the custom integration business. Our support packages are designed to provide our partners with varying level of service and features to meet both your needs, and the needs of your clients. 

When you join our integrator network, you'll get access to our sales and customer support materials, along with suggested MSRP and custom pricing. 

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Standard Enhanced
Support Services
Secure connection to our servers offering remote access to configure and maintain network equipment
Network Validation
Provides a baseline snapshot of all network devices for future planning and troubleshooting.
Remote Monitoring
Automated alerts related to network issues
Remote Network Troubleshooting
Integrator initiated remote troubleshooting of network infrastructure devices
Quarterly Network Reporting
Detailed performance report
Support Ticketing Triage
Techology performs initial triage on customer submitted tickets before involving the integrator
End User Support Ticketing
Streamlined ticketing submission, making it easy for your clients to report issues, reducing your workload. *White Label Ticketing Portal Required
Proactive Monitoring & Troubleshooting
Techology team members attempt initial triage before requiring Integrator assistance
LTE Failover
White Label Ticket Portal

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