Plays Well With Others

Whether you're designing and installing a brand new network, upgrading an existing network or rescuing a poor or underperforming network, RouterBox has you covered.   

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The New Standard in Networking

We built RouterBox specifically to play well with other network equipment, providing our Custom Integration partners with a solution designed to easily manage network installations and take-overs.

Whether you install 10 networks or 1000 networks each year, we are here to support all integrators by providing next level monitoring and remote support services to you and all of your clients. 


More Power

RouterBox is more than just a router; it was built from the ground up to be the powerhouse your network needs. In addition to its powerful configuration server and error detection, it was designed and tested to reach internet speeds in excess of 5Gbps making it suitable for not only the gigabit speeds we have now, but multi-gig speeds in the future.

Self-Healing Technology

With RouterBox's self healing technology, cable changes are detected, notifying the appropriate party and giving the integrator an opportunity to fix the issue through a command in the interface. 

Work Anywhere 

The RBxConnect Mobile app allows you to troubleshoot anywhere you have cell signal or WiFi. Add and remove users, view system dashboards, resolve issues, and more. 



RBxConnect offers a versatile interface that is intuitive for technicians to learn and use, providing a consistent interface across all devices of the same type (switches, AP's, etc).  This allows you and your teams to take over unfamiliar technology with ease. 

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Remote Access

RouterBox utilizes proprietary software to provide remote configuration, as well as provides state of the art VPN technologies to enable seamless “as if on site” VPN connections for integrators. This technology allows integrators to troubleshoot issues and make changes that would normally require an onsite tech visit, saving in labor and transportation costs.

Single Interface

Our system was built to break down the walls of unique vendor interfaces. With RouterBox, you will always have a familiar interface when working with like devices (i.e. - Pakedge switch and Araknis switch). There will never need be a need to learn both of the devices as long as RouterBox is in charge of the network.

Detect ISP Config Issues

Regardless if the ISP installed your client's internet, or bridge mode was forgotten during setup, double NATing can seriously degrade a customer's internet connection.  RouterBox can detect, and in most cases correct, double NATing by switching the customer's modem into bridge mode for you. In the event the ISP pushes the modem back to normal mode, RBxConnect provides capability to fix remotely. 

What are the differences, you ask? 

We've outlined how RouterBox stacks up to the other guys. 

RouterBox Araknis/Pakedge UniFi
Network Management
Central control of network devices
Unifi, Pakedge, Araknis, and more
Araknis/Pakedge Devices Only
UniFi Devices Only
Remote Access
Remote connection to customer equipment
VPN, User Controllable Ports, Transparent VPN
Limited (unable to use specific port numbers)
UniFi Devices Only
Internet Speed Testing
Smart Interval, On-Demand, Realtime Monitoring
Interval, On-Demand
Interval, On-Demand (limited to less than 300MBPS)
Single Interface Across Devices
Consistent interface regardless of device manufacturer
Same Type Devices (switches, AP's)
Network Mapping
Visual representation of a network typology in realtime
Uses real switch/router ARP tables with WAP client lists
Offline Device Detection
Multi-factor approach, including connection monitoring and port status
All devices; not always accurate and often delayed
Device Connection History
Ability to view device connection & performance history
All metrics related to device network performance
Connect/disconnect status only
Prior few connections only
Pre-setup/Install Configuration
Failover WAN
Secondary internet connection in event primary connection fails
Limited to Specific Devices Only
Multi-gig Speeds
Limited to Specific Devices Only
Network Monitoring
Complete Network & Device Performance
Offline Devices Only
UniFi Devices Only
Privilege/Skillset Based Interface and Access
Ability to adjust user permissions based on role or skillset
Error Detection & Correction
Ability to detect common errors made during setup & configuration, including human errors
Double NAT Detection
Detection of ISP configuration issues
Redundant Site Access
Not dependent on vendor server for connectivity
Out of the Box with Zero Configuration Required
Yes (Advanced Knowledge Required)
Yes (Advanced Knowledge Required)

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