Build Reliable Networks, Recurring Revenue, Customer Loyalty

Finally, a support model designed specifically to enable YOUR Custom Integration company  to provide a higher level of service to YOUR clients ... making YOU look like the hero.



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Built for integrators.

Loved by everyone.

The new standard in networking.

Designed to be technology & brand agnostic. RouterBox's proprietary configuration and interface, combined with Techology's support model, will help take your business to the next level.

We exist to support custom integrators build and support networks that delight all users, helping to provide technology and service solutions that are flexible and reliable.

Decrease Churn

Stop losing customers due to unresolved network issues. 

Reduce Truck Rolls

Cut costs associated with sending a tech to do onsite trouble shooting. 

Improved Support

Support customers remotely, streamline communication via ticketing system, all with fewer systems to learn and manage.

Build Recurring Revenue 

Our model provides built-in options for monthly service plans, with recommended client investment based on their needs. 

Increase Customer Satisfaction

We are a customer first organization and are here to help you provide the best solutions in the industry to your clients. 


Sales resources, onboarding, support, and training resources are all part of the package! 



The foundation of your network, designed to play nicely in the rack setup with all of your current equipment & technology.

The router is arguably the most important component of any network. Now you have a solution that allows you to build new, kick-ass networks, and also rescue systems for customers in need. Welcome to the new standard in networking.


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Efficient Network & Project Handoff

Each client and each project comes with different needs. Do you have a client that wants to self manage their network? Perhaps your client sold their home or business and the new owners have a relationship with another integrator. Our interface allows for efficient and seamless network and project handoff so you can walk away on good terms. 


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Enterprise Grade Networks


Network design has become much more complicated than just plugging in a router and slapping up a few access points. We provide expert consultation, ensuring your client networks are working the way they were intended as you complete the installation and commission the system. 


Ticketing & Triage

Say good bye to late night and weekend text messages and calls from clients. Opt for our advanced support package and take advantage of our support ticketing system and triage services, or take it to the next level with a branded portal and easy access for your team to manage all support issues across your company.

Upgrade your support model and get all the benefits with none of the hassle. 


Bridging the knowledge gap between people & technology 

With decades of AV, IT and Revenue Growth experience, you can trust that our solutions are backed by expert knowledge and experience. 


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